November 19, 1883

Earlier today I posted a several days worth of McDermott’s ledger entries in an attempt to catch up, but it will take some time.  I wondered if the readers want to see every day of the ledger? Let me know what you think…

November 19, 1883 was a pretty busy day at McDermott’s store. I don’t know what it means when he records “by cash”. Are the customers being paid out for credits on their accounts? Or is it a cash advance? Does someone know the answer?

McDermott Store Ledger - November 19, 1883

Does that say “1 D Hog” that Patrick Langan sold to Mr. McDermott? I wonder if Mr. Langan was paid a good price?

November 19, 1883 continued

The second page of the day’s transactions shows the purchase of hog from Mr. Hilla, as well as the sale of many sewing items to various customers.

What is the most interesting item to you in the ledger for November 19, 1883?





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4 responses to “November 19, 1883

  1. Jim Egeland

    I enjoy looking at the ledger as they come out. I am keeping copies of all transactions that are Shea or Kenna. I consider the ledger as a document or book. If you don’t want to scan all of it, make it available to or someone who will make a copy it and make it available to anyone. I personally don’t think you need to “keep up”, just continue to post as you can. This is a historical document that I for one appreciate, even if I don’t comment on it very often. A Shea/Kenna descendant. Jim

  2. regarding the hogs…my guess (may not be right) but since one amount is in debit and one in credit column:
    -Patrick Langan was paid (or credit went to bill) 4-1/2 cents per pound for hog
    -McDermott sold hog to Hilla for 5 cents per pound
    That would be how McDermott made a profit
    Interesting that Kanuit traded 27# of beans for thread, tea & soap
    I would assume that “by cash” might be payment on account

    • Thanks, Eileen! I was thinking You have experience with bookkeeping, don’t you? This ledger kind of looks like Mr. Metzner’s! Could you decipher what it said about Mr. Flynn at the bottom of the page? I couldn’t make it out…

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