Catching up…

Can’t believe I have already fallen behind with the ledger! There was nothing for November 4, 1883. We will pick up with November 5th and bring you up-to-date.

Monday November 5th was a busy day at the store – it took three pages to record all of the transactions. My great-great-grandfather John Regan made a rare appearance at McDermott’s, selling some butter. I wonder where he did his regular shopping? Perhaps Hancock? He lived out in the western part of Tara Township.

November 5, 1883

November 5, 1883 (...continued)

November 5, 1883 (...continued)

November 6, 1883

November 7, 1883

And finally, two more pages from this day in 1883:

November 8, 1883

November 8, 1883 (...continued)


Enjoy these…and let me know if you see anything interesting!


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One response to “Catching up…

  1. Jim Egeland

    Thanks. I am making copies of any pages that have Shea or Kenna so over time I can tell a little bit about their lives…fantastic! Jim

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