A Photograph from Clontarf – 1920

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Jim from Minneapolis sent in a photograph of his grandfather’s sister, Kate McDonough Reardon taken in Clontarf in 1920.  Here’s the photo:

Kate McDonough Reardon - Clontarf - 1920

Here’s what Jim wrote:

Hi Clontarf Historians,

In my grandpa’s photo collection was this picture of his sister, Kate/Catherine Reardon (nee McDonough) who lived for a time in Clontarf along with her brother George McDonough I believe.  They worked for some local family there.

Here’s an excerpt from a family history about her:

“She acquired a job as a hired girl for Kate Tuske.  It was at this job she met James Reardon. They were married 9-3-12.”

The photo is yours to keep for your archive.  If you happen to know the location in the background, feel free to let me know.  If you happen to spot any other photos regarding these folks, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,



Can we help Jim out?  I know there are lots of Reardons out there, but does anyone know who Kate Tuske was?  I don’t recognize that name.  Does the location of this picture look familiar to anyone?

Are James and Kate Reardon the ones who lived in the old jail building right after they were married?

Have a great weekend!




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8 responses to “A Photograph from Clontarf – 1920

  1. Jim Egeland

    This is the info on Kate. She was still listed as living in Clontarf in 1930
    Jim in Salem, OR:

    1910 United States Federal Census about Mrs Kate Tuske
    Name: Mrs Kate Tuske
    [Mrs Kate Mrs Tucke]
    Age in 1910: 41
    Estimated Birth Year: 1869
    Birthplace: New York
    Relation to Head of House: Servant
    Father’s Birth Place: Russia
    Mother’s Birth Place: Russia
    Home in 1910: Clontarf, Swift, Minnesota
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Henry Nelson 47
    Mrs Kate Tuske 41
    Miss Sadie Tuske 21
    George Duggan 2
    William Sheridan 44
    Charles La Fleur 26
    John O’brien 22

  2. Jim Egeland

    In the 1930 federal census, Kate was still working as a servant for Henry Nelson so even though Kate Reardon worked for Kate Tuske, the person you’d be the most interested in finding more info on is Henry Nelson, the Head of the household.

  3. Anne Schirmer

    Thanks, Jim. I think the photo was taken on Armagh St. just after you turn off Grace Ave. (Main St.) and are heading towards the Catholic Church. That would put her behind the Mikkelson-McDonald Store that faced north (main street). There is an alley of sorts there. The house nearest her has been expanded on, I believe, so it is not the same in appearance. The other house I remember going to for a birthday party in grade school, but has since been removed. Kate, as she stands in the photo, would be facing the home of Miss Shinnick, Anna, the only child of her parents, Kate & ? Shinnick. I’ll have to look in the book to answer that one right now… or the cemetery. Lots of Kates back in those days. Miss Shinnick taught 1st & 2nd grades (one room) at Clontarf Elementary School.

  4. Anne Schirmer

    But as I take a second look at that photo, the shading on her face is all wrong! The brightest side of her face would indicate that she is facing east, not west… sorry for the confusion… I’ll tell Bob Klucas, Marge (Reardon) & Melvin Klucas’s second son to look at it…Marjorie was one of Katherine & Jim’s daughters.

  5. Anne Schirmer

    I have an obit on the sister of Kate/Catherine McDonaugh that became a nun (in the history book at the Hall).

  6. Anne Schirmer

    Is that “box” in the photo her luggage?

  7. Jim from Minneapolis

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I found a bit more information which I just sent to Aine so you should see it soon. As this is not my branch of the family I don’t know too much else, I’m just trying to share what my Grandpa had around. Hopefully Kate’s extended family will enjoy these photos if they didn’t already have them all. The Nun mentioned who would come to visit was Rose McDonough, Kate’s sister, aka Sister Delphine. She was well known by MANY people as she loved to travel and visit all branches of the family. Delphine died in 1992 in St. Paul. Kate lived to be almost 107 I believe.

  8. Anne Schirmer

    Tim Reardon thought the photo may have been taken behind the Parish Hall. He thought that one house was later the home of Pike & Alice (johnson) Chamberlain and the other of John & Regina ? Klucas.

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