Administrative Update

A few very interesting comments have come in recently about the Shea family.  The recent post on the Shea-Dailey Family prompted some discussion…I love to see that!

I will address the comments in greater depth later this week, but talk about the Shea family brings back our old friends the Kenna family.  I have posted several items about them over the past year or so.  Just search for Kenna on the home page and you can get all the info – obits, news clippings, church records.

I am looking forward to a visit to Clontarf in April.  We will be there April 13th – 15th.  I hope to get together with some of the folks in the area who have helped make this blog a success.  Maybe we could do something in the Hall or at the Prairie Pub?  Let me know what you all think!  This could be the first meeting of the Clontarf History Club!

So…Anne, Donna, Margo, Marlene, the Reardon gals, and anyone else from Clontarf…what do you think?

Does the Prairie Pub have their new stock of t-shirts?  I need to resume the monthly drawings once I get a fresh supply of shirts.

Spring is finally here.  I wonder if the weather is going to cooperate?

More history later this week…




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4 responses to “Administrative Update

  1. Margo McGeary Ascheman

    The date of you coming to Clontarf sounds great as Mel and I should be back home.. Nice warm weather here and today it is RAINING which is something for this area… God Bless Margo … Today is the end of our computer tie until we get home unless I go to the library….; Margo

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Fri. morning, April 15, 2011, was a great day at the cafe in Clontarf. Eileen Regan McCormack and daughter Aine both of St. Paul, MN, joined us for breakfast. There was Mary Ch., Mary L., Mary K., Mary J., Marilyn K. Marlene K., Hazel M., Gert B., Tom B., Clara B., Scott K., Ray S., & Fr. Sam, and me, Anne S., and Geneva C…did I forget anyone? sorry, if I did…Lots of discussion centered around of previous residents in certain homes…

    • We had such a nice visit to Clontarf last week, and especially enjoyed our breakfasts at the Cafe! Happy to finally meet Margo in person.

      I have been under the weather lately, so sorry I haven’t posted anything new…will get back in the swing of things soon!

      Thanks for having us Anne!


  3. Anne Schirmer

    Too bad Mary R. was absent that day…

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