The Chevalier Expert

Genealogists amaze me.  I have a great deal of respect for people who display the kind of commitment necessary to painstakingly research every detail of a family tree and compile a comprehensive family history.  Successful genealogists manage to stay on task and persevere even after encountering countless obstacles and dead-ends along the way.

Donna from Benson, Minnesota is one of these dedicated genealogists.  Shortly after we started this blog, I realized that, while I knew a fair amount about the history of the Irish in Clontarf, I knew very little about the other residents of the town.  Donna has become my go-to resource for information on some of those families.  She has compiled a tremendous amount of genealogy research on her own family – the Aschemans, as well as her husband’s family – the Chevaliers.

There have been many inquiries about various branches of the Chevalier family over the past several months.  If you don’t read the comments on the various posts, you are missing some great feedback and stories about Clontarf.  Click here to read the post about the Chevalier family and make sure you scroll down and read Donna’s comment.

Anne’s comments are not to be missed, either.  She shares great stories and information all of the time.  At the bottom of each post, at the right, is a place you can click to read the comments.  It will have a balloon and say “comments” if any have been left.  Simply click on “comments” and you will learn even more about Clontarf.

And remember, if you are looking for something specific on the blog, use the Search function located at the top right, below the photograph of the train station.

Many thanks to Donna for sharing all of her hard work with us!  Have a great weekend!



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4 responses to “The Chevalier Expert

  1. Anne Schirmer

    Donna’s oldest brother, “Jack” Ascheman died early today April 8, 2011 (Fri.) His wife, Norma Mathies, died a number of years ago. Children are Anita, Daryl, Mary, and Jean. Several sibling (jim, Geneva, Don, Mick, Donna, Shirley, Patricia, “Al” Alfred Jr – known as Ozzie way back when, and Thomas, who became Br. Linus at the Abby at St. Joe, MN, died 2007.

  2. Anne Schirmer

    check (West Central Tribune of Willmar, MN)

  3. Phillip E. Chevalier

    Thank you for this amazing article. My name is Phillip Chevalier and I am the son of Joseph Odell Chevalier, the second son born to Odell C. Chevalier from your great home town. I have been searching for a while to find information about my family, which all seemed lost with the passing of my grandfather, Odell and my dad, Joseph Odell.

    I hope to one day visit your community and see the wonderful history of my family. If you have pictures or any other articles of the Chevalier families, please contact me at

    With kind regards,
    Phillip E. Chevalier
    Andover, Massachusetts

  4. Debbie Hoeft

    My nephew and I are coming to Clontarf this Saturday, 8-3-13, to do some checking on our Chevalier ancestors. We have already talked to the church secretary for St. Malachy at Benson,MN. She stated there were funeral records for Basilius (Joseph Basile?) and Anastasie (Natalie) Chevalier, my 3x great grandparents. Wondering if anyone has knowledge of them or any info from when they and their family lived in Clontarf?

    Debbie Hoeft
    Princeton, MN

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