Drawing Winners & “Mystery” Photo

September/October Drawing Winners!

Jackie Doherty and Margo Ascheman are the winners of the drawing!  They will each receive a Clontarf Prairie Pub T-Shirt!  Congratulations and thanks for all the comments!  Remember, each comment or reply you leave on the blog earns you an entry in the monthly drawing, so comment often!

I think Anne deserves a special prize for all of her comments…I will come up with something!

Can you identify any of these schoolchildren?

You have a whole extra hour this weekend.  How else are you going to spend it?  Click on the photo to enlarge.

Clontarf School Class

Identify away!  I think we got this photo from Anne.  I only have the photo on my computer – no date or identifications – so we can work together.

Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Drawing Winners & “Mystery” Photo

  1. Anne Schirmer

    RE: Clontarf school teachers
    Miss Shinnick, Mrs. Hagen, Mrs. Lageson (nee Marjorie Regan), Mrs. Skarsten, Mrs. Hammer… any others?

    RE: Christmas Programs
    The upper level of the 3 story structure had 2 large rooms separated by a roll-up room divider. For the programs, the divider was lifted and one huge room was filled with parents and siblings of school children to watch the rythem band from Miss Shinnick 1st & 2nd grade, the skits, and recitations, and finally a scene from Bethlehem by the older kids. Then everybody sang Christmas carols as Miss Shinnick played piano. Santa came in and gave gifts to the school children – maybe it was a bag of candy with an apple…We used to draw names to exchange gifts, I believe. My mom said my brother gave another boy a flash light and after that the two never, ever had another disagreement! I remember getting a angel bell ornament that I cherished for years! I think those tiny tea service sets were popular also in those days. I’ve never seen any pictures from a Christmas program at the Clontarf School. I’m trying to remember if we went down to the lunch room for kool-aid and Christmas cookies, or if we went home directly after the program. Anyone have other memories?

    The Clontarf School had two fire escapes, one to the east from the second floor, and one to the south from the third floor. There was a greater drop off from the shorter fire escape. As kids we preferred the other fire escape for that reason. We had to remember to keep our feet and hands close to our body so the metal wouldn’t cut us because as they aged, the metal got damaged from the wind and things, I guess. We would go up the shoots with our bare feet during summer vacations. There was also the merry-go-round near the bus garage (it held 2 busses) to the southeast. To the south west was the swings, chin-up bars, and monkey bars. To the north of the school was a huge cement “block”, none of us kids ever knew what it was for. It was sort of in the shade most of the time, so we didn’t play too much on it, besides you could fall off it and get hurt because there was no railing to protect you from falling off it, and then there was left over cement chunks north of that yet. What a hazard by today’s standards. The ball field was at the north end of the school property and that was full of sand burrs! But after the ball field to the west the grass was lush because the tree cast shade on that area. That was our preferred area for playing ball with our school mates. The bases didn’t have to be so far apart either! 🙂

    • Anne Schirmer

      School group photo: Alice Johnson Chamberlain is second to last in the back row. She had sisters Florence Johnson Mills & Mabel Johnson Smith and brother Lawrence Johnson, so they could also be in that photo.. Reardon gals, Mikkleson siblings, they all lived in town.

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