The Duggan Family of Tara

I will begin with the Duggan history from the 1978 Clontarf Anniversary booklet, which includes a bit of Regan family history.

(Please note : I am a little sketchy on a couple of details in the Regan history, but like most of the family histories in this booklet, it is based on oral history, which is not always 100% accurate.)

Duggan, William – Regan, John Family History

William and Julia (Credan) Duggan came from Ireland in 1862 and lived for a short time in Concord, New Hampshire.  In 1876 they arrived in what is now Tara Township and homesteaded there on a 160 acre farm.  They had eight children viz. Margaret, William, James, Mary, Catherine, Cornelius, John and Julia.

Julia Duggan married Patrick Regan and lived on a farm one-half mile northeast of Clontarf.  Patrick Regan’s parents, John and Mary, came to the United States in 1865 and settled in Massachusetts.  In 1876 they homesteaded in the present Tara Township and had six children viz. Nell, Cornelius, Patrick, Jeremiah, John, and Mary.  Patrick Regan was in the hay business – farming nearly all of the land between Clontarf and Benson.

Originally, William Duggan owned the south 80 acres of the southeast quarter of section 10 and the north 80 acres of the northeast section of section 15.  On the 1886 plat map, William’s mother-in-law, Catherine Credan owned 80 acres in the northeast quarter of section 10. Mrs. Credan died in 1887.

Throughout the 1920s and into the 1930s, son James Duggan’s name appears on William Duggan’s original 160 acres as well as various other parcels in section 10.

William Duggan played an important role in early Clontarf history.  He might even be considered one of the “founding fathers” of Clontarf; his name shows up frequently in early township records.

Located on the eighty acres in section 15 is a schoolhouse – known as the Duggan school, of course.

Duggan School (2006)

In the late 1800s, the priest would come out from Clontarf and say Mass in the schoolhouse.  The sign above the door says “Tara Twp Hall” – I am not sure if it is presently used for township meetings.  Anyone know?

William Duggan’s mother-in-law, Catherine Credan, and Jane (Howard) Kenna’s mother were sisters.  Both the Kenna family and the Duggan family came from Concord, New Hampshire.  As did the Regans, the Foleys, the Kents, the Donovans, and the Quigleys.  If you know of any other families who settled in the Clontarf area, who came from New Hampshire, please let me know by leaving a comment.  I am headed out to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully I will learn a thing or two about the families who eventually made Clontarf and Tara their homes.

Next time, we will finally wrap up section 10 with the Doherty family.  I want to confirm they lived on section 10…if you know, please leave a comment!



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4 responses to “The Duggan Family of Tara

  1. Anne Schirmer

    The Tara Twp Hall continues to be used, as far as I know. Boyd Buyck as a supervisor. His wife, Patti, just became clerk earlier this year.
    I clipped it from the Minn. Assn. of Twp. newsletter.
    Thanks for the obit on Margaret Gosson.
    I’ll thank Marlys when I see her…

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Mike Quigley, 80 something, has told me he has a history on the Quigleys. I’ll get in touch with him and his (2nd) wife, JoAnn.
    Mike has no children. He was the only one in his grade in Country School. As an only child, he was best friends with the neighbor fellow, Patrick Maher. Pat Maher’s mother was Regina Bouta married to Martin Maher. They lived south of Sec. 10, maybe even as far a Marysland Twp.
    Mike went to school at the West Central School of Agriculture in Morris, MN. “That was the best time in my life. I made lots of friends there.”
    I thought the WCSA had only men, but he told me it had, maybe, 25% women!

    • It would be interesting to see the history of the Quigleys. I wonder if Mike is related to Matthew Quigley who came from Concord, NH and settled in Tara? I saw Matthew Quigley in the city directory for Concord. I know that Gene Regan went to WCSA as well. Isn’t that great to have such fond memories from your youth?

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