And the winner is…

Keith Casey from California!

Keith is the winner of an official Clontarf Prairie Pub T-Shirt!  He has been notified, and his prize will be in tomorrow’s mail.  Maybe, if we are lucky, he will send us a picture of himself wearing the shirt…

Thanks for your comments, Keith.  We appreciate you participating in the blog.  It is fun to meet other descendants of the pioneer settlers of Clontarf.

Keep those comments and replies coming…there will be another drawing for August.  I haven’t yet decided on a prize, but I am sure it will be spectacular.

Again, congratulations Keith!



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5 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Anne Schirmer

    I could check with Johnson Fertilizer, Chamberlain Oil, or Kent Electric to see if they would have anything to offer as a prize…I know Kent Electric had a box of coffee cups left over after their open house a couple years ago…
    I’ll check in on Casey’s Bar in Breck the next time I go to Fargo to visit my nieces & nephews and families….

  2. Anne Schirmer

    Where do we find Keith’s comments?

  3. James King

    My great grandfather was Malachy Joseph Roddy; decended from O’Neill’s who homesteaded near Clontarf. I received a copy of a beautiful hand-written letter describing some of the family’s history. Would you care to know more?

  4. Keith

    Hi James,
    I believe my Dad, Thomas Casey, Great-Nephew of Mary Casey O’Neill was in contact with your family many years ago( 20+?) when he was trying to track down his family tree. So I believe I have a lot of your family info (You’re related to the Tuttles?) My Great-Great Grandfather was Thomas Casey, brother of Frank, and Mary O’Neill. If you have anything beyond MN I’d love to see it.

    I’d love to get a copy of the hand written note if possible. Email me and we can exchange info (, or you can scan it and email it.

    Aine–Love the Praire Pub shirt…I wore it today. I’ll post a picture soon.


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