July 19, 1884

Many Tara Township farmers made the trip into Clontarf on this mid-summer Saturday and picked up some necessities at McDermott’s General Store.

Martin McAndrew purchased oatmeal and nails, while his brother-in-law Timothy Cain picked up sugar, oil, apples, tea, tobacco, and 3 pans.

My great-great-grandfather John Regan rarely shows up on Mr. McDermott’s ledger in 1884, but he came in for buttons and 2-1/2 yards jean fabric, sugar, tea, vinegar, and a pail.  Regan’s neighbors Timothy Galvin and Jerry Lucy bought tobacco and oatmeal, respectively.

Mrs. Jane Kenna had the most interesting shopping list that day.  She purchased a pair of boots and a rake; 9-1/2 yards of muslin, 6 spools, and one roll batting; sugar, tea, and 50 pounds of salt.

Any guesses on how much 50 pounds of salt cost Mrs. Kenna?  What would she use that much salt for?



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3 responses to “July 19, 1884

  1. Eileen

    I bet Jane Kenna was using salt for a preservative.

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