July 11, 1885

It was just an average Saturday at McDermott’s General Store in Clontarf.  There were several customers that day including Father Oster who bought 2 straw hats at 50 cents each.  John Healy purchased sugar, a can of peaches,  and 3 dozen eggs for a total of 80 cents, and a new broom, a pound of tea, and one dozen eggs set D.A. McDonnell back 85 cents.  James Purcell bought 1/2 pound A&N tobacco, 25 cents and a bottle of birch beer, 20 cents.

I had never heard of birch beer.  I guess it is similar to root beer.



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2 responses to “July 11, 1885

  1. Regan

    Seeing as a dozen eggs cost close to 30 cents in 1885, maybe I should revise my guess as to the price of 50 pounds of salt one year earlier…

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