A bit more on the Reardon family…

Back in April I received a question on a Clontarf message  board about Andrew Reardon.  To refresh your memory go here.  I wasn’t able to find a St. Malachy’s marriage record for Andrew and Mary Callaghan.  A comment from a visitor, a Reardon descendant, to the blog said that he thought Andrew never married.  Maybe he was married at a neighboring church – St. Bridget’s in DeGraff and Visitation in Danvers  might be a couple of possibilities.

The second marriage recorded at St. Malachy’s in Clontarf was Elizabeth (Eliza) Riordan (Reardon) and William Little on May 20, 1878.  William and Catherine Shinnick were the witnesses.  I wonder if Eliza was Henry’s sister?  I haven’t seen the name Little in the Clontarf area.

I have noticed several people have found the blog by doing web searches related to the Reardon family, so I thought I would pass along this tidbit of information.



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3 responses to “A bit more on the Reardon family…

  1. Eileen

    Thanks Annie…every little bit of info helps! Are those Church records you refer to online?

  2. Ann McInnis-Tonge

    According to an article here in Strathroy, Ontario Mary & Andrew were married by Rev. Father Teutenberg at the residence of the bride’s parents, on Third avenue. I am assuming Brainerd?

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