Memorial Day, Part II

I just ran across this listing of service veterans buried in the Clontarf cemetery:

Mexican War: William Schinnick

Civil War: John F. Boyd, John Connolly, S.H. Connor, Michael Donovan, Felix Duffy,Frank McMahon, Martin Mear

Spanish-American War: Maurice Cain

World War I: Frank Ascheman, John Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Leon Chamberlain, C.C. Chevalier, Eddie Chevalier, Elmer Eve, Leo Eve, Joseph McDermott, Elliott Nelson, Roy Perrizo, John Reardon, James Reynolds, Cecil Robertson, Verdie Smith, Silas Tillotson

World War II: Ed Boutain, Joseph D. Christopherson, Dewey Eve, Bernard Fennell, James Kent, George Leslie, John McCarthy, Patrick E. McCarthy, John S. Nelson, Sylvester Reardon, Howard Regan, Donald Reynolds, Cecil Robertson, Chet Schirmer, Joseph Tillotson

Korean War: Elmer Brown, Lawrence Kepner, LaVern Robertson

(from p. 38 of Clontarf: A Commenorative History, 1978)

Note: This list was compiled in 1978 and is therefore missing veterans who passed away and/or served after this date.

McMahon headstone, Clontarf cemetery



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2 responses to “Memorial Day, Part II

  1. Anne Schirmer

    Ellard Chamberlain, Jr., used to read the list on Memorial Day. He passed that duty & honor on to Tim Reardon. I’ll see if I can’t get his to post the updated list…

  2. Anne Schirmer

    The Clontarf Haymakers 4-H Club continues to make this one of their community pride projects as they participate with recitations and music.
    We invite children to participate along with them. They are in age groups as they read the poetry (not required to memorize as we did in OUR day!)
    and copies can be obtained in advance. Rehearsal is at 7:30 am that day (Monday). We march out from the Hall in Clontarf behind the Fire Truck, Color Guard, National Guard, and local retired & active soldiers. Then the elementary students, followed by the band member w/instruments. The program takes all of 20 minutes, maybe. Then we visit with those who meander about the cemetery, and make our way by back to the Hall for rolls & coffee & oj, served by the Altar & Rosary Society, I mean the CCW.
    The children can get a hotdog & soda at the Fire Station, served by the firemen. The band members have to hit the road and get to Benson to participate in their parade to the cemetary starting at 10 am. That program lasts about a half hour or more…We appreciate everyone’s involvement in our Memorial Day Program.

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