Don’t go looking for Mystery Photo #1…it is gone.  Anne reported today from Clontarf, with a sniffle, that the jail was torn down.

It is sad to see it go.  I had big plans for that little building.  I imagined a museum filled with photographs and momentos from Clontarf’s rich past that people would visit from near and far.  It held on for 100+ years, and I guess I thought it would stick around until I could restore and maintain it (which would have been when either I won the lottery or magically developed comprehensive construction skills).

Alas, reality took hold.  The jail was falling apart, posed a risk to children in the town, and no one had the money nor the inclination to fix it up.   Fire has taken many of the buildings in Clontarf over the years and I suppose it was just a matter of time.

It is a shame I didn’t win the lottery in time to save the jail, but when I last looked this schoolhouse was still on the corner of my great-great-grandfather McMahon’s farm place out in Tara Township.

Tara Township Schoolhouse

Maybe I still have a chance with this one…


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