What must they have thought?

I just spent a couple of days in Clontarf.  The sky was blue and the sun shone bright on the prairie – absolutely gorgeous.  And then there is the wind.  With little to break it, the wind cuts straight through, chilling to the bone.  When I think about the settlers to this area, especially the earliest ones in 1876-1877, I wonder what they must have thought when they first laid eyes on the land around Clontarf, Minnesota, their new home…



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2 responses to “What must they have thought?

  1. Rita (Anne's sister)

    Growing up in the area has left me with wonderful memories. The school was immense after going to a one room schoolhouse. St. Patrick’s Day program and parade were anticipated and enjoyed by all.
    St. Malachy’s Catholic church was the anchor of the community. Everyone involved with Clontarf has an immense pride about the town and it’s past, present and future.

    • Thanks Rita! You are the first person to comment on the blog! We will definitely have postings about the things you mentioned. That pride is very evident and I think folks will be interested to learn more (or refresh their memories) on the history of the Church, the school, St. Patrick’s Day in Clontarf, etc. and then share their own memories here on the blog.

      Anne knows so much about the families and history of Clontarf, it will be fun for her to share it all. Thanks again for commenting and keep coming back!

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